Mel vs Roche


Mel Kennedy

vs Roche Holding AG
with profits of £7.8 billion

for over three years drug company roche were demanding the nhs pay £90,000 per patient for their breast cancer drug, kadcyla. During this time many women who needed treatment died without access.

in june 2017 roche eventually agreed a price with the nhs but this deal came too late for mel who had to fundraise to pay £4,637 for her first course of treatment. this is her story... 

High medicine prices have affected me very directly. I had to crowdfund to pay privately for cancer treatment to prolong my life as these expensive drugs are not available on the NHS in Northern Ireland, where I live.

I want to be involved with Just Treatment as I have already been running a similar campaign in Northern Ireland but it's quite obvious the problem of equal and fair access to drugs for many conditions is a UK and worldwide problem. Anything I can do to address this inequality I will do.

It is vital that patients and the NHS are protected from overly high drug prices as the ethos of the NHS is equal, free and exceptional treatment for all. We do not want to lose this brilliant resource or end up in a situation of two tier healthcare where only those who can pay can avail of the best treatment. This is wrong on so many levels. Patients who are already dealing with so much should not also have to fight their health authority or government for the best treatment - it should be readily available for all.