Emma's story

I have secondary breast cancer so medicine prices are one of the factors that dictate the treatments that I am offered and what sequence I will be offered them in. There is a very good chance that at some point in my treatment journey I will be unable to access a drug that I need because it is deemed to be too expensive.

Emma Robertson

I'm really interested in how we gather information about pharmaceuticals and how that then feeds into research. How can we learn more about treatments that aren't made available to the public? Are we not letting our research community down by failing to gather the information that they need?

The NHS belongs to it's patients. We pay our taxes to support and maintain it, we fundraise to help it to provide services that we think might be missing, and we gift to it to show our appreciation and to ensure that others continue to benefit from it. The NHS is a physical embodiment of public goodness, ultimately demonstrating that we want to look after each other. We are all shareholders in the NHS and the dividends that we receive are much bigger and more important than money... They include the good health of ourselves, our families and our friends, and the peace of mind that we are doing the best that we can to give that to everyone around us. I can't think of anything more worth protecting!