Get your MP to support Plan B on Orkambi!

MPs could be vital allies in the effort to get the government to press go on Plan B. If you want to ask them to support here’s a simple guide on how to ask for their help!

  1. Find out who your MP is by entering your postcode here

  2. Write them an email
    Remember you are hoping they’ll support the campaign so be nice and try to get them onside.

    • Tell them you are writing about fair access to Orkambi on the NHS and your support for the Plan B campaign which is trying to get the government to act to get a fair price using a Crown use licence.

    • Tell them why you care about access to Orkambi and why it’s time for Plan B.

    • Add this link to an MP briefing on the campaign.

    • Ask if they will help by raising this with their party leader (or the PM) or by asking a question in parliament. You might want to ask them if they’d meet you to talk about it.

    • Thank them and say you hope to hear from them soon!

  3. Send your email
    And tell us when you hear back by dropping us an email: