What is just treatment doing?

We’re bringing together stories from people across the UK who have had to wait to access hepatitis C treatment to show the harmful impact that high drug prices have on people’s lives. 

We want to hold the government to account over its lack of action in challenging the high prices that prevented patients like us from getting the treatment we needed at the time we needed it. 

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The government has the power to issue a Crown use licence for drugs whose price is preventing or restricting access. This legal tool overturns a patent on a drug, ending a company’s monopoly and bringing down the price. We want to know why a Crown use licence was not sought in the case of sofosbuvir when so many people were forced to wait for years without access. 

We want to make sure that in the future, high drug prices are more effectively challenged by the government.

How can I get involved?
Have you or has someone you know been affected by not being able to access hepatitis C drugs? We’d love to hear from you. 

To get in touch with your story just answer the questions below or visit bit.ly/2HulqPr. You can also get in touch by email: organise@justtreatment.org. 

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