We’ve delivered Emma's petition to Pfizer!

Nearly 20,000 Just Treatment supporters have signed Emma’s petition to make Pfizer drop the price of breast cancer drug palbociclib to £1 a pill. And today we delivered your signatures direct to Pfizer HQ.

Pfizer petition hand-in.jpg

Late last week we learnt that a final decision could soon be made on whether or not breast cancer drug palbociclib would be approved for use on the NHS. Earlier this year, it was refused because of the high price. 

Pfizer have been demanding £140 per pill for a drug which can be made for less than £1. Emma, a breast cancer patient and Just Treatment leader, has been leading a campaign to demand that Pfizer drop the price. Today, Emma and other Just Treatment supporters travelled to Pfizer’s offices to hand in the petition and take your demands right to the drug company’s door.

This morning, Just Treatment supporters have been tweeting Pfizer, turning up the heat on the drug company by publicly demanding they drop the price. If you’ve not yet tweeted there’s still time - just click this link to send your tweet.

The decision on whether or not to approve palbociclib will affect many thousands of women around the UK who could be eligible to access this treatment. Here’s what Emma said in her letter to Pfizer today:

“Palbociclib has transformed my life - I feel better than I’ve felt for many months. But there is a significant risk that women with breast cancer, just like me, will not feel the same benefits of treatment because you have priced it out of reach.”

Please join us in calling on Pfizer to drop the price. Tweet your message to them today and join the campaign by signing up to Just Treatment

Elizabeth Baines